Here are some of the services we can provide to you:

End-user Billing
Call record collection, rating, taxing
Invoice creation, printing, mailing
Customer Service web site

Carrier Invoice Verification
Are your calls rated correctly?
Are your contract terms being followed?
Is your carrier only charging you for in-service circuits, and at the correct rates?

Call Record Reporting
Which customers are making what types of calls?
What is your average cost per minute by state, LATA, OCN, etc?

Contract Rates Study
What rates can you offer that new customer?
Should a new customer be switched or dedicated?
Where should you request that new rate cut?

Resale Analysis
Are you billing your customers correctly?
What margin are you making from each customer?
Are you billing out everything you are being billed for?

Contract Review
What should you look for in a new contract?
Are the contracts you offer your customers compatible with your carrier contract?

Email or call for details:, 405-706-3427.